A Building
Like No Other

Well By Design

425 Park Avenue is built upon evidence-based and scientifically tested foundations of a healthy building, as defined by the International Well Building Institute. As such, health and wellness at 425 Park Avenue has always been much more than a phrase, it’s a lifestyle and intent that has been thought of and designed into the very core of the building.

Health & Wellness

Our vision of a WELL-certified, “breathable building” places human health at the center of our design mission. Why? Because the value of a healthy workforce cannot be overstated. We’re building the healthiest building in New York — because the future depends on it.

Four Twenty Five

Chef Daniel Humm presents his first fine-dining restaurant in New York in eight years: Four Twenty Five. The restaurant is not simply in New York, but of New York: distinctly sophisticated yet rooted in casual elegance. Celebrating both the bounty of the region and the wonderful breadth of global influences in our city, the restaurant is eclectic and elegant — both of its time, and like storied Park Avenue, timeless.

The Diagrid Club

Floating high above Park Avenue, New York City welcomes The Diagrid Club, the amenity floor at 425 Park. The space will be a reflection of its surroundings, as well as a peaceful sanctuary from the bustle of New York City outside. Featuring world-class architecture by Norman Foster and Foster+Partners, first-class hospitality by Daniel Humm and Make It Nice, and wellness programming by the David Lynch Foundation, the legendary Diagrid Club at 425 Park provides clients and their guests with an inviting and exhilarating workplace and lifestyle experience that’s simply unrivaled.

Narcissus Garden, 1966

From Japanese avant-garde sculptor, painter and novelist, Yayoi Kusama, comes Narcissus Garden, first shown on the lawn outside the Italian Pavilion at the 33rd Venice Biennale in 1966.

The tightly arranged shimmering stainless-steel balls construct an infinite reflective field in which the images of the artist, the visitors, the architecture, and the landscape were repeated, distorted, and projected by the convex mirror surfaces that produce virtual images appearing closer and smaller than reality.

The permanent installation, now placed within the garden of the tower’s Diagrid Club, Narcissus Garden will delight and inspire visitors and guests for years to come.

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