Park Floors (28-47) 13,900 RSF

Skyline Floors (15-25) 20,400 RSF

Diagrid Mezzannine (14) 12,000 RSF

Diagrid Floor (12) 21,700 RSF

Avenue Floors (8-11) 28,900 RSF

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Park Floors (28-47) | 13,900 RSF


Skyline Floors (15-25) | 20,400 RSF


Diagrid Mezzannine (14) | 12,000 RSF


Diagrid Floor (12) | 21,700 RSF


Avenue Floors (8-11) | 28,900 RSF


Films and Gallery

425 Film


Overview Video


Phasing Video


Construction Cameras

Live Video Feed

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Building Facts


L&L Holding Company LLC



Foster + Partners

Architect of Record

Adamson Associates Architects

Structural Engineer


MEP Engineer


Construction Manager

Tishman Construction

LEED Certification

Projected LEED Gold

Well Certification

Projected to be the first Well Certified commercial office building in NYC.
Feng Shui Environment & Geomancy

Building Access

Seven Days / Twenty-Four Hours

Building Area


670,080 RSF


9,552 RSF (Ground)
8,829 RSF (Mezzanine)


Parking garage private for the tenants in the building with a capacity of 52 cars access via a car lobby on 55th street

Building Height

Building Height to the Roof


Building Height to the Top of the Glass Feature


Total Floors


Floor Sizes

Park Floors, 28-47
13,900 RSF
Skyline Floors, 15-25
20,400 RSF
Avenue Floors, 8-11
28,900 RSF
Diagrid Floor, 12 & 14
33,700 RSF

Slab Heights / Finished Ceiling Heights

Ground, 45’ / 44’8”
Mezzanine, 36’11”/ 25’0”
Avenue Floors, 22’6” / 14’6”
Diagrid Floor, 43’ / 38’
Diagrid Floor Mezzanine, 22’/ 14’2”
Skyline Floors 13’6”/ 9’6”
Park Floors 13’6” / 9’6”
Penthouse 42’ / 36’

Floor Loads (Live)

Floors Ground, 2 and 26
100 lbs. per sf
Floors 8-25, 28-47
50 lbs. per sf

Column Spacing

Park Floors 28–47

Column free

Skyline Floors 15–25

5 total columns on the floor;
30’ center to center of columns

Avenue Floors 8–11

6 total columns on the floor;
30’ center to center of columns

On All Floors North & South Column Centerlines Are

17’6” from curtain wall glass

Outdoor Terraces

Floors 12 & 26
More than 3,000 Total RSF on each floor.

Outside Air

Minimum outside air – 20 CFM / Person based on 7 people per 1,000 SF of occupied office space

Building Services

Loading Dock

On 55th St between Park and Lexington
Monday – Friday
7 am to 6 pm


Destination Dispatch
12 Passenger Elevators (2 banks)
2 Car Elevators
1 Freight Elevator + 1 Passenger elevator that can be used for freight if needed

Avenue & Skyline Floors (Low Rise)

Floors 8–25
6 elevator cabs

Club Floor (26th Floor)

4 Passenger Elevators
2 Low Rise + 2 High Rise Elevators

Park Floors (High Rise)

Floors 28–47
6 Passenger cabs

Subway Access

4,5,6 at 59 St;
E,M at 53 St


The electrical service will be provided by ConEd at 480/277V, 3 phase in a second contingency configuration.

Tenant Electrical Load Capacity

6 Watts per USF
additional power can be made available


Water Cooled DX system with waterside economizer and variable volume A/C units on each floor.


2 1/2” valved outlets will be provided on each floor for tenant use and the system will be available 24/7. The valved outlets have a capacity of 30 tons and the overall condenser water capacity for tenant supplemental use is 400 tons.

Base Building HVAC Hours

Monday – Friday
8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Back Up Power

All office floors are connected to emergency power. In addition each tenant floor is provided with a 200A emergency disconnect that can be used for partial emergency power. A total of 1,000KW is available for tenant emergency power needs on a first come, first serve basis.

Standby Generator

Standby generator power is available for tenant spaces at a to be determined fee.
Space is available on the 50th floor for two (2) tenant natural gas generators sized at 200KW each

Security System

Extensive integrated security and safety systems such as visitor management, remote monitoring, digital network camera coverage and a 24/7 security center housed in the building. Upon request, L&L can provide to each tenant a customized security suite.

Life Safety

Fully automatic and manual fire alarm system. Two fire protection services will be brought from adjacent streets and will be connected to the fire protection system. Combined sprinkler and standpipe risers will be provided. Life safety back up emergency power distribution will be provided via (2) 200KW/2500kVA emergency diesel generators.

Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

DAS system shall be designed and installed with the capability of enabling cell phone carrier services, Fire Department/ Emergency services repeaters and a building management 2-way radio system.

Private Wireless Network

L&L Holding Company, LLC owns and operates a proprietary digital point to point emergency radio communication network. This FCC licensed system allows properly equipped tenants to utilize wireless radio communications throughout New York City regardless of extraneous factors, such as power outages and interruptions to main stream data networks. Tenants in 425 Park Avenue may be provided with access to this private network based on equipment charges and fee schedule yet to be determined.

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