Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes how your personal information is collected, used and disclosed by 425 Park Avenue when you use the website ("Website"). This Privacy Notice is set out in two parts: i) general provisions; and ii) specific provisions that will apply in addition to the general provisions where EU data protection laws apply. The following definitions shall apply to this Privacy Policy:

When you visit the Website, we will collect and process the following Personal Information about you from the following places:

Such information may include (by way of non-exhaustive list):

Please note that our website does not respond to browser Do Not Track signals or other similar instructions. Your Personal Information may be stored and processed by 425 Park Avenue in any of the following ways and for the following purposes:

When we use Personal Information we make sure that the usage complies with law, and the law allows us and requires us to use Personal Information for a variety of reasons. These include:

Disclosure of Personal Information obtained through our Website 425 Park Avenue shares Personal Information among its affiliates and business units when it believes that it will enhance the services it provides, but only in circumstances where such sharing conforms to law, any applicable confidentiality agreements, and 425 Park Avenue's policies and practices. In addition, 425 Park Avenue may disclose your Personal Information in the circumstances outlined below:

For how long 425 Park Avenue will hold your Personal Information will vary and will be determined by the following criteria:

Where we transfer your Personal Information to another country outside the European Economic Area, we will ensure that it is protected and transferred in a manner consistent with legal requirements. In relation to data being transferred outside of Europe, for example, this may be done in one of the following ways: